10. Sanitizer Recall

Two weeks ago I purchased two containers of Next brand hand sanitizer at a local drug store to add to my ARES Go Kit. I‘ve had pandemic supplies in my kit for over a decade, but used up my sanitizer and surgical masks earlier in the COVID-19 experience.

But this week I saw several news stories about a Food and Drug Administration hand sanitizer recall of Mexican products involving methanol, which can be toxic when absorbed through the skin. The list of recalled sanitizers is now 115 brands long, and my Next hand sanitizer is included. I returned mine to the drug store for a refund.

So my search for hand sanitizer for my Go Kit resumes. And while we‘re on the subject, all of you should probably check your sanitizer against the FDA recall list. And note that the list continues to grow as new brands are added. Go to: www.fda.gov

Submitted by Michael Schulsinger, N8QHV