12. LED Road Flares

Earlier this week I looked over a Facebook list of vehicle emergency supplies suggested by several Ohio response agencies. I generally agreed with the list, but there was one glaring exception.

One suggested item was old fashioned road flares, and I can think of several reasons why there are better choices. One, a vehicle tire can roll a flare into the grass, which may or may not be dry enough to ignite. Two, a wreck might involve hazardous materials that leak or give off flammable vapors, either of which might go up in flames. And none of these flares last longer than an hour.

Newer Light Emitting Diode Road Flares are a better choice. These battery powered devices can be seen a mile away, and fresh batteries will drive them for a day or more. They are unlikely to start fires, and the better quality versions can be run over several times and still function.

LED Road Flares are available at many auto parts stores and online.

Submitted by Michael Schulsinger, N8QHV