5. Corona Virus Pt II

Two weeks ago I predicted that COVID-19 would have a major impact on Amateur Radio. That turned out to be quite an understatement. Virtually all gatherings of hams on the March 4th calendar are now postponed or cancelled outright.

Some of you might be interested in my COVID-19 volunteer work. On Monday I started working 5 hours a day for the Clark County Combined Health District COVID phone bank as a Medical Reserve Corps staff member. This has nothing to do with Amateur Radio, but everything to do with communications.

Many Clark County residents are worried about their health now. Some are worried well but others are experiencing one or more symptoms and are literally worried sick. The phone bank tries to talk the worried well off the ledge and tries to connect the worried sick with a nurse to evaluate their symptoms for further action, including testing.

In the next few months ARES District 3 communities will probably need more volunteers for odd jobs like mine. While some ARES members are only interested in radio communications, others might desire some real-world disaster experience even if ham radio is not involved.

Submitted by Michael Schulsinger, N8QHV