14: Net training feedback

Now that we have three months of programs behind us, it’s time to look at whether they have been of value to you or not.  With a new District Emergency Coordinator in place, this is a good time to solicit feedback regarding the first 13 programs.  If you wish, you may review them at http://www.ohd3ares.org .  Go to the NET INFO button along the top and select TRAINING from the drop down list.

If you feel that the programs are a complete waste of time, contact District 3 DEC Bob Rhodes at kc8whk@arrl.net.  All Ohio District 3 ARES net volunteers serve at his pleasure, so he needs to know if this, or any other portion of the net, is a problem for you.

If you have a topic that you would like to learn more about, or a topic you already know about and would like to share with the net, please contact Mike Schulsinger at n8qhv@arrl.net .

Most people who check into the net do not respond to such requests, so the few who do wield a great deal of power regarding the future direction of these programs.