24. RDPC Training

Two weeks ago we covered a training catalog I received from the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training.  A few days later I received another training catalog from the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium.  The RDPC is a group of six colleges and universities that brings thirty different Department of Homeland Security training courses to local responder agencies.  The consortium offers online versions of nine of these courses for those who cannot attend a classroom session.

Online offerings that may be of value to some ARES members include Terrorism and WMD Awareness in the Workplace, Dealing with the Media and Resource Inventory Management.  One offering that is not of value in west-central Ohio but is just plain interesting is Port and Vessel Security for Public Safety and Maritime Personnel.

In addition to the online offerings, on November 2nd the Versailles Fire department will offer the one-day course AWR-147, Rail Car Incident Response.

To look over the offerings, or to register for one of their online or classroom courses, go to http://www.ruraltraining.org/ .