6: More weather training

Before I begin the program I have updates to Program 5.  The location of the 17th Annual Severe Weather Symposium at OSU has moved, and there is now a link on their Metclub website to a registration and parking pass page.  Dr. Josh Wurman, who developed the Doppler on Wheels, is on the list of speakers, and there will also be a presentation on the 1913 Dayton Flood.

Last week I threatened to supply more free weather training opportunities, so now I’m making good on that promise.

You can spend months on the MedEd website.  It offers hundreds of free online weather and climate related training opportunities, from one hour modules for middle school students to two week-long cross-training courses for working meteorologists.  Available topics include aviation weather, tsunamis, tropical weather, fire weather, hydrology, polar weather and climate change.

Go to www.meted.ucar.edu and click the “Sign Up” button.  Next, select the “Education & Training” button and look over the various modules.  Each module will have a colored numeral between zero and three associated with it.  Stick to skill levels zero or one, the easiest modules, unless you have some training in meteorology or have experience as a masochist!