7: The Natural Hazards Center

Tonight we visit the website of the Natural Hazards Center.  The center is part of the University of Colorado at Boulder, and offers a number of publications, mostly free.  The web address is www.colorado.edu/hazards/ .

For the past fifteen years one of my favorite free newsletters has been their Natural Hazards Observer.  The January 2013 edition is twenty-four pages of disaster commentary, short articles, book reviews and upcoming conference announcements.  Much of the content is directed at disaster academics, but I have learned something new with almost every issue.

The Natural Hazards Center can send you notifications when new issues of the Observer are released.  Just supply your name and email address, then answer a few questions.  A subscription to the print edition of this every-other-month newsletter is also available for $15 per year.

So far our programs have discussed things that you can do to benefit District 3.  Our next program will discuss a benefit for those who take FEMA Independent Study courses – undergraduate college credit!