9: FEMA PDS Courses

If you have taken IS-100, 700, 200 and/or 800 on the Emergency Management Institute website you may have looked over some of the other course offerings.  Another item that might draw your attention is the reference to the FEMA Professional Development Series.

The PDS is a group of seven EMI independent study courses that give the person taking them a solid understanding of the basics of emergency management.  You can take the courses in any order and at your own pace.

The EMI keeps track of your independent study course completions, and shortly after you pass the last of your seven final exams your Professional Development Series certificate should automatically be sent to you as an email attachment.

If you’d like to get further into emergency management, a PDS certificate is a good start.  To learn more, go to http://training.fema.gov/emiweb/PDS/ .

A future program will discuss the next level – the FEMA Advanced Professional Series certificate.