2: ICS Courses

Last week Matt, W8DEC, the Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC), requested .pdf copies or transcripts of any FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI) courses that Ohio ARES members have completed.  These should be emailed to Assistant SEC Scott at n8sx@arrl.net and your county Emergency Coordinator (EC).  He further asked that all Ohio ARES members complete IS-100.b, IS-700.a, IS-200.b and IS-800.B.  But what should these courses teach ARES members?

IS-100.b is an introduction to the concept of the Incident Command System (ICS).  It introduces basic definitions that all emergency responders need to know, such as Incident Commander, Safety Officer, Command Post and Emergency Operations Center.

IS-700.a explains how the Incident Command System fits in with the other components of the National Incident Management System.

IS-200.b returns to the Incident Command System to show where individual responders fit into the ICS.

IS-800.B introduces the concept of the National Response Framework, the master plan for adding Federal responders to incidents where local and state responders are already committed.
Next week’s program will consider a source for emergency management readings with emergency communications (EMCOMM) in mind.