3: EM e-Mag

Our first two 2013 programs discussed four FEMA independent study programs that the Ohio SEC requested of all Ohio ARES members.  This third program offers some free, but completely optional, readings on various emergency management topics.  After all, we wouldn’t want to neglect those ARES members who have already completed their four FEMA courses.

Emergency Management is an e-magazine published bimonthly for the responder community.  While some articles may be of limited interest to most ARES members, others should get the attention of nearly all of us.  For example, the cover story of the January-February 2013 issue is Black Hole of Communication, five pages about Superstorm Sandy.  Another, The Catastrophic Outage, considers what might occur if a power outage lasted for months instead of weeks.

ARES members who wish to request a subscription to Emergency Management should apply at their website, www.emergencymgmt.com.
Next week we look at free online computer security training.