22 Red Cross Mobile Phone Apps

Over the years I’ve learned that almost everyone is better able to afford a smart phone than I am.  I try not to be bitter about that, but it does mean that phone apps are strangers to me.  Last week we examined several Red Cross websites, and this week we will consider their smart phone apps.

If you have either an iPhone or an Android, the first Red Cross App I would look at is the First Aid App.  This app is useful for everyday emergencies even if you are unable to access a cellular tower or the internet, although it will not be able to dial any emergency numbers for you.

Their Volunteer App, also available for both iPhone and Android, is a tool to properly place new volunteers within the Red Cross system.
Red Cross Apps are also available to help you handle four different types of disasters – tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires.  Ohio District 3 sometimes sees tornadoes, and occasionally experiences earthquakes.  The others may be useful to you when traveling.

Finally the Red Cross Shelter Finder App is only available for iPhones at this time.  This app displays a map showing any open Red Cross shelters and permits you to zoom in to examine these open shelters in more detail.

To look into any of these, go to http://www.redcross.org/prepare/mobile-apps .  Tell me what you think about them, because it may be years before I can afford a smart phone!