17. First Aid and CPR Training

Over the past 5 months we’ve discussed many things that ARES members can do to prepare for disasters within their communities.  But I think that I neglected to mention one of the very first steps.

All ARES members should attempt to somehow obtain and maintain their first aid and CPR training.  The American Red Cross and the American Heart Association provide these courses in many communities, and there are commercial providers on-line as well.

If you are a registered volunteer for your local Red Cross chapter, the staff may be able to provide you with a code that allows you to take Red Cross first aid and CPR at no charge.  If not, your workplace may provide no-fee classes.

Many 911 centers can now walk you through first aid and CPR steps in the field, but in cases where time is critical the few minutes necessary to teach you might be better spent actually treating the patient!