10: Ohio EMA Training

Some ARES members are also affiliated with a local fire department, law enforcement agency, health department or emergency management agency.  If you are an ARES member also credentialed by one of these agencies, you may wish to look into the training opportunities available through the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

The Ohio EMA conducts courses at the state Emergency Operations Center on Ohio State Route 161, and at other locations hosted by county Emergency Management Agencies.  The one to three day courses cover damage assessment, storm debris management, public information, and the use of National Weather Service forecasting products.

Over the course of two or three years, regular attendees of these courses can complete most of the requirements for FEMA’s Advanced Professional Series certificate.

Ohio EMA courses are free, and may include a motel room for ARES District 3 members attending at the state EOC.  But transportation and meals are not covered by the state.  To look over the courses available, go to http://ema.ohio.gov/Training.aspx .  If you see one of interest, get your response agency supervisor’s permission to apply.  Then set up your account on the training site and register.