32. Working around the Federal Shut Down

As of this afternoon, much of the United States government is still shut down.  While we can hope for the best regarding this situation, ARES members and other emergency workers in particular should consider preparing for the worst.  While federal assistance will still be provided in times of disaster, it will be slower to arrive.  It takes time to bring back laid off workers, so federal staffers we are accustom to seeing three days into a disaster might arrive in five days now.

What does this mean to ARES members?  Make sure your families have what they need for the first week after an event.  Common sense says that ARES members must care for their families first, or they will spend their time worrying about family instead of helping with the emergency response.

Despite the shutdown, the preparedness information at FEMA’s www.ready.gov and the Centers for Disease Control’s emergency.cdc.gov is still available online.  The American Red Cross preparedness pages are business as usual at www.redcross.org/prepare .  A preparedness site I don’t think I’ve mentioned before is ncdp.crlctraining.org at Columbia University.

When you’ve read all of these let me know and I give you a few more!