28. Resource Management Training

Tonight’s training opportunity will not be for every ARES member, but it certainly would be of benefit to any who are responsible for tracking the communications assets of a county ARES unit and its members.

A relatively new opportunity from the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium is MGT-339-W, Resource Inventory Management for Rural Communities.  At an estimated eight hours, this free, online course is a bit longer than most of the RDPC offerings.  It introduces the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Incident Resource Inventory System, or IRIS.  IRIS is a tool to assist organizations in resource typing, or classification, and inventory activities.

If you are responsible for keeping track of what your ARES organization and/or members can bring to an incident, this may be a good start in that direction.  To begin, go to https://www.ruraltraining.org/training/courses/mgt-339-w/ to learn more and register.

If you have been thinking about taking any of the courses I have mentioned since January, consider doing so sooner rather than later.  Courses that begin as free offerings don’t always stay that way forever, and we don’t know yet if next year will be another year of sequestration.