1. ICS Courses

It has now been just over a year since we restarted the District 3 ARES net programs, which is a good time to return to the first ones.  Since we probably have a few new ARES members since last January, let’s review the four FEMA courses every ARES member should take.

There are now at least nine versions of the ICS-100 Incident Command course online, referred to as IS-100 on the Emergency Management Institute’s (EMI) Independent Study website (training.fema.gov/is/) or Q0462 on the National Fire Academy (NFA) website (www.usfa.fema.gov/nfa/nfaonline/browse/index.shtm).  All are considered equal to each other for credentialing purposes, so take the one that interests you.  There are three versions of the ICS-200 Incident Command course, known as IS-200 at EMI or Q0463 at the NFA.  Again, you need only take one of the three to be properly credentialed.

IS-700, the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and IS-800, the National Response Framework (NRF) are only on the EMI site.  These two should also be taken to round out your credentials as an incident responder.  For extra credit, also consider IS-704, NIMS Communications and Information Management and IS-802, NRF Emergency Support Function #2, Communications.

Once you have certificates from these courses, please pass copies along to your county’s ARES Emergency Coordinator.  And if you were checking into this net last January and still have not taken these courses – tsk, tsk!