14. Linkedin

Most of you have probably heard of Linkedin, http://www.linkedin.com/ , which is primarily a website for making various business connections.  Many of you probably already have Linkedin accounts, and some are probably way more familiar with the site than I am.  But if you are not a regular to this site you may not know that there are many thousands of no-cost Linkedin groups that you may join.  Has anyone out there noticed that I am a huge fan of the word free?
These groups offer open discussions of topics of interest to the group members.  Any member can initiate these discussions, as I have in the American Red Cross group.
I’m going to list just a few of these groups that some of you might want to consider joining:

1. American Red Cross
2. ARRL HAM Radio Operators
3. Community Emergency Response Team
4. Emergency Managers Global Forum
5. International Association of Emergency Managers
6. Public Safety Professionals
7. Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

If you know of any other groups that are appropriate for this net, consider sharing them with us here.  I can be reached at maschulsinger@yahoo.com .