16. e-Learning Course on Climate Change

A recent Associated Press poll of over 1000 adults in the United States concluded that 37 percent of us do not believe that the average temperature of the world is rising mostly because of man-made heat-trapping greenhouse gases.  This is an important issue for any disaster responder, because climate change shifts the locations and intensities of droughts, floods, blizzards, tornadoes and hurricanes.
The United Nations Institute for Training and Research now offers an Introductory e-Learning Course on Climate Change.  At twelve hours it’s a little longer than most online courses that I recommend here, but this topic isn’t easily understood and it is potentially vital to do so.  Registration is free of charge at http://unccelearn.org , and a course completion certificate from the United Nations awaits everyone who finishes the course.

I would like to share one final comment.  The exams associated with this training are randomly generated, can be unusually difficult to pass, and only three attempts are allowed.  I found the first one, science, to be easy enough, but the quiz on international agreements humbled me to the point that I am rereading the entire section before I take this test again.  Consider yourself warned!