17. ARC First Aid and CPR Certifications

American Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses are offered at no cost to those who are registered with, and serve as volunteers for, a Red Cross chapter.  This is quite a bargain, as these courses now run the general public between $55 and $115 dollars each, and must be taken every two years in order to remain First Aid and CPR certified.

I’m going to let you in on an inside secret – Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses within District 3 are being canceled because not enough people are preregistering for them.  This makes life difficult for some healthcare workers who must maintain their certifications in order to remain employed.  When a course is canceled some of these healthcare workers must drive great distances to reach a class before their certification expires.

You can do both these folks and yourselves a mutual favor by asking your chapter to supply you with the code to make your class registration free.  After you sign up the Red Cross will send you an email link to complete an online portion prior to the scheduled class date.  Your online completion certificate is the admission ticket to the two hour classroom portion of the training.  Within the next month courses are scheduled in Dayton, Springfield, Troy, Urbana and Xenia.  Just one Red Cross volunteer can sometimes be the tipping point that allows a class to take place.