19. Linked-in Redux

Some of you may not be familiar with LinkedIn, (http://www.linkedin.com/) a social networking internet site often used by jobseekers.  Others probably know about LinkedIn, but are not actively checking into it.  What I failed to notice until this year is that a large number of specialized groups are now networking here.

Just a few groups that I have noticed so far include:

Amateur Radio Emergency Communicator, with 2,000 members

American Red Cross, with 17,000 members

American Red Cross Volunteers, with 5,000 members

ARRL Ham Radio Operators, with 6,000 members

Emergency Managers Global Forum, with 11,000 members, and

Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster, with 1,000 members

I was planning to add one more just for Bob Rhodes, our District Emergency Coordinator, but I discovered that he is already a member of the Master Exercise Practitioner group!