2. ARES E-letter

Have I ever mentioned the American Radio Relay League’s ARES E-letter?  The ARES E-letter is an electronic newsletter providing readers with news and updates of interest to emergency communicators.  The ARES E-letter is free, but you must maintain your ARRL membership to stay on the list of subscribers.

The ARES E-letter has been edited since August 2005 by Rick Palm, K1CE.  Rick is a former ARRL headquarters staffer, and editor of their FCC License Manual in the 1980s.  When not working at his hospital in Florida, he devotes much spare time to keeping up with emergency communications topics.

Here are the steps to take in order to receive the ARES E-letter:

1.  Join the American Radio Relay League.
2.  Activate your personal account at http://www.arrl.org/ .
3.  Once signed in to your account, go to Edit your Profile.
4.  From there, go to Edit Email Subscriptions.
5.  Finally, place a checkmark next to The ARES E-letter.

When you receive your first ARES E-letter, note that back issues are available via a mouse click near the top of the first page.

While in Edit Email Subscriptions, checkmark anything else that looks interesting.  These items are all free with your ARRL membership.