23. Field Day 2014

ARRL Field Day 2014 is this coming Saturday and Sunday, and we hope that you will elect to participate in some manner or other.  Many clubs have mapped their Field Day locations on the http://www.arrl.org/ website, and others may be found by asking questions on area repeaters.  Field Day club stations should not be stingy with this information, as there are bonus points available for sharing your site with the public, with elected officials and with emergency managers.

There are too many ways for stations to earn bonus points to list here.  But stations can earn 100 points for originating a National Traffic System (NTS) radiogram directed to their Section Manager (SM) or to their Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC).  Field Day stations who handle such messages for the originating stations may earn ten bonus points per message handled up to a maximum of 100 points.

One suggestion I’ll offer for Field Day 2014 only is to direct your radiogram to the Ohio Section Manager.  Radiograms should not be addressed to the Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator at this time.