26. NTED

It’s been a while since we mentioned the National Training and Education Division (NTED) Course Catalog (https://www.firstrespondertraining.gov/).  Produced by the National Preparedness Directorate of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), this catalog lists hundreds of emergency management and homeland security classes.  Some are presented on school campuses, some are brought to a law enforcement, fire department or emergency management training facility near you and others are online offerings.  The forty online offerings are easily identified by class ID codes ending in a “W”.

Unlike most such listings, the NTED catalog is available online and is updated as needed, often several times a month.  The 14 July 2014 edition, which is current as this is being written, has grown to 342 pages of offerings.   Classes are taught at no cost to the student, though he or she often (but not always!) must cover transportation, meals and any overnight expenses.

Many of the courses are open to any emergency responder, although some are limited to sworn police officers due to the sensitive nature of the topic covered.  Because the offerings change every year, I bookmark this catalog and try to scan its table of contents several times per year.  Maybe you should too!