29. National Planning Framework

In previous programs we have occasionally discussed the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s National Response Framework, the overall guidance for integrating federal agencies into emergency and disaster incidents.  But we haven’t said a word about the rest of the National Planning Framework.

The National Planning Framework currently consists of five related documents. The National Prevention Framework describes citizen’s roles with regard to prevention of terrorist attacks.  The National Protection Framework concerns everyone’s part in safeguarding against any threat or hazard.  The National Mitigation Framework addresses risk reduction through mitigation techniques.  The National Response Framework was already mentioned above.  And the National Disaster Recovery Framework promotes effective recovery following major incidents.

Individual ARES members and ARES organizations can become involved in each of these planning areas, although historically they have leaned primarily toward response.  Anyway, to learn more go to www.fema.gov/national-planning-frameworks .