30. UAVs for Humanitarian Responses

While web surfing on the ReliefWeb site http://reliefweb.int/ I noticed some interesting webinar recordings  that I had missed when they actually occurred. They were the first two of four free webinars on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Humanitarian Response. This seems like a natural topic of interest for the more technologically oriented ARES members.

I was able to view and listen to the first of these recordings, and I felt that the fifty-three minutes of information provided was worth the effort. The only thing I knew about UAVs before this was that you shouldn’t fly them into National Parks, especially the hot springs!

The link to reach these webinars ( http://solutionscenter.nethope.org/programs/unmanned-aerial-vehicles ). Note that you may need administrative privileges for any computer you use for this, as Cisco WebEx or Java or both may need to be installed or updated to view and listen to these webinars.