32. Mass Notification

Have you registered your cellphone to receive urgent messages from emergency response agencies in your area? Many counties and cities within District 3 have contracts to automatically send such messages to all landlines within their jurisdictions, usually through a 911 center. But cellular telephones are a different matter. They must often be registered with the 911 center in order to be recognized as belonging to your address.

For example, Champaign County has a contract with CodeRED to send emergency messages within that county. Clark and Greene use hyper-reach, a different service provider. Darke County has TFCC, yet another provider. I was unable to locate countywide services in Montgomery and Preble, but understand that some cities in Montgomery County have individual contracts.

Using Clark County as an example, you can register using any one of several different links on the County home page, a Clark County Sheriff’s page and yet another button at the Clark Emergency Management Agency.

Please consider looking into this in your community. It can be embarrassing to be a ham radio operator and the last to know about a local major incident!