36. Free MIT Electronics Courses

Most of the programs I’ve prepared in the past two years pertained directly to emergency response or planning in some way.  Tonight I’d like to just talk about learning a little more, or even a lot more, about different aspects of electronics.

In the past I’ve mentioned many online sites offering free courses in emergency management topics.  It should come as no surprise that there are even more sites offering free courses in subjects other than emergency management.  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, arguably one of the finest schools available at any cost, has placed over 2150 courses online as MIT Open Courseware at http://ocw.mit.edu .

If you go to their Course Finder drop-down menus, start with Engineering in the Topic menu, then go to Electrical Engineering in the Sub-Topic menu, and finally choose either Electronics or Telecommunications in the Specialty menu.  This will bring up lists of undergraduate and graduate level courses that you can access.  I found about 25 undergraduate and 30 graduate courses available in these two specialties alone.