37. Epidemiology online course

Well, the first person to present with Ebola symptoms while already in the United States has now died, and Spain is caring for a nurse who contracted it treating patients in Madrid. So Ebola may be trying to break out of West Africa. This is a good time for ARES members to review and perhaps update their personal and family plans concerning pandemic emergencies.

Many of us have been happy to assist area health departments during large flu shot clinics, but will the same Hams be so eager to face Ebola? Possibly not, although more people die from flu complications in the United States each year than have died from Ebola worldwide since that disease was first identified. As a side note, flu shots are now widely available for the coming flu season.

An email I received from Coursera this week is promoting Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health. This is a free, on-demand five hour course from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. On-demand is new to Coursera, as most of their classes have historically had start and end dates. View this and many other Coursera offerings at (www.coursera.org).