41. The National Cybersecurity Institute

The National Cybersecurity Institute, affiliated with Excelsior College in Albany, New York, is a relatively new source of computer and smartphone security information. The Institute offers free security news, webinars and podcasts, as well as online college courses, certificate programs and degrees.

Naturally, being a Certified Public Cheapskate I will point out the free stuff first. The Institute currently offers 25 past webinars and podcasts on various aspects of cybersecurity. These may be found at www.nationalcybersecurityinstitute.org . From that home page select the Podcasts & Webinars button near the top.

If you want to move into this growing field, Excelsior College offers:

Twenty cyber courses

One undergraduate cyber certificate program

Two Bachelor of Science cyber degrees

One graduate cyber certificate program

One Master of Business Administration degree with a cyber concentration,

and One Master of Science cyber degree