42. WebEOC

Most Ohio ARES members are at least somewhat familiar with MARCS, Ohio’s statewide analog and digital 700 and 800 MHz communications system.  But I wonder how many know about WebEOC 7.4, the internet software that links all 88 of Ohio’s county Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) with the State EOC and Joint Dispatch Center near Ohio State University Airport.

With permission and approval, county EOC staff members are able to access WebEOC from computers in their homes or offices, in addition to access from the actual county EOC.  Once you are signed in, you can follow major state events such as the recent Ebola response in northeast Ohio, as well as events within your home county.  Another benefit is access to a daily report compiled by the Ohio State Highway Patrol Intelligence Unit.

Persons assigned to an active incident within their county can use WebEOC to request resources from the State EOC or forward situation reports (sitreps) to Ohio about the event.  While writing this at Clark County’s Red Cross office, I happened to see that Carl, N8NSD, our EC, added a note yesterday in conjunction with EOC training conducted by Clark County.

If you are an EOC staff member in your county, contact your emergency manager to obtain a username and password for WebEOC.  Once you have these, sign in to download the training information needed.  Then sign in often enough to remember your username and password, and to practice reading the online traffic until it is your turn to submit requests and reports.