45. CHDS

For this final program of 2014 we will return to the Center for Homeland Defense & Security (CHDS). The Center is part of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, California, which might be thought of as the Navy’s counterpart to Greene County’s Air Force Institute of Technology.

The CHDS offers accredited Master of Arts degrees in Homeland Security for professionals working in this field. The difference between this program and all others that I know about is that CHDS degrees are absolutely free! Naturally, admission to this MA program is extremely competitive.

For the rest of us, the CHDS has assembled nine free, noncredit courses in such Homeland Security topics as Critical Infrastructure and Intelligence. These are short versions of the graduate classes being offered in residence.

If you are interested in applying for the CHDS MA program or registering for one of their noncredit courses, visit their website at www.chds.us.