1. Amateur radio use by Emergency Managers

From time to time I see online emergency management discussion threads on whether it is important it is to have Amateur Radio operators available as an emergency backup communications system. While emergency managers in areas subject to frequent, large disasters tend to be convinced of the need, some managers in more fortunate areas have mixed views.

One jurisdiction that remains convinced of this need is the State of Oregon, which is subject to forest fires, flash floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, not to mention the same disasters that we face in District 3. The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) within the Oregon Military Department (OMD) currently has an opening for a civilian Communications Officer.  In addition to the typical required skills, one requested skill is an Amateur Radio license, or the ability to obtain such a license.

Generally, Amateurs may not receive compensation for their ham activities, but an exception has been made for licensed emergency response personnel using ham equipment during disasters. The person hired for this Oregon position would be just such an exception.