14. ARES E-Letter

Today’s arrival of the online ARRL ARES E-Letter reminded me that I haven’t mentioned this resource for some time. Editor Rick Palm, K1CE covers a wide range of ARES related news and topics, including ARES activations, exercises, training and conferences. New hardware and software of particular ARES interest or value comes up as well. Some of the topics can be controversial, and some of the advice offered by readers isn’t always perfect, so Rick makes provisions for reader feedback as well.

A subscription to the ARES E-Letter is free to ARRL members. Go to www.arrl.org , sign in using your username and password, choose Edit Your Profile directly below the password, choose Edit E-mail Subscriptions, choose The ARES E-Letter and Save your changes.

Also note that there is a voice version of each E-Letter available at www.arrl.org/ares-e-letter-audio-version . I did note that there may be a delay before the voice version is released.