17. Odds and Ends

This week I have a few odds and ends to share. For those who follow tropical systems, Ana, first storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, may develop as early as tomorrow just off the coast of Florida. The National Hurricane Center at www.nhc.noaa.gov is the place to track this storm.

Last week I mentioned the Institute of Medicine as one of several sources of free disaster publications through the National Academies Press. Effective July 1st the Institute of Medicine will become the National Academy of Medicine to better integrate its mission with those of the National Academy of Science and the National Academy of Engineering. The free publications should continue to be available through the National Academies Press.

Tomorrow morning the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association, or GDAHA, will conduct Blowing in the Wind, a regional tornado exercise. GDAHA, hospitals, Red Cross, emergency management agencies, health departments and ARES elements are involved. Action should take place between 8 AM and Noon.

Almost every training opportunity I’ve mentioned since I started these programs has been free of charge. Is anyone out there interested in hearing about training opportunities that might involve some fees? If not, I don’t plan to waste your time with options no one wants. Call N8QHV after any Ohio District 3 ARES net closes.