21. Disease Outbreak News

Have you ever heard about an emerging disease on a TV news program or in a newspaper and wanted to know more about it?  Then you may be interested in the Disease Outbreak News (DON), published as needed by the World Health Organization, or WHO, a United Nations agency headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.  The web address is www.who.int/csr/don/en/ .


The DON reports the facts regarding where new disease outbreaks are occurring around the world and how many cases are involved. Most of the recent reports concern Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, or MERS-CoV. MERS-CoV cases are showing up in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, with a few cases recently noted in China and South Korea.

While not every ARES member would benefit from these reports, members who are also medical professionals might. Wright-Patterson AFB employees and contractors regularly travel to many of the countries mentioned above, and it’s just possible that some of these emerging illnesses may someday show up without advanced notice on our western Ohio doorsteps.