23. Field Day 2015

Well, it’s nearly Field Day weekend again. Have you decided to participate this year? Will you be operating from a club site, an Emergency Operating Center, a mobile or portable station or your home?

No matter which you choose, you can add 100 bonus points to your final score by originating a formal message to the Ohio Section Manager (SM) or the Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC). To receive credit for transmitting your message, it must contain the information noted under Field Day 2015 rule 7.3.5 . You must retain a copy of the message using an ARRL Radiogram form. This copy must be submitted via one of the approved channels along with the Field Day report.

In addition to the points noted above, under rule 7.3.6 you may receive 10 bonus points for each ARRL Radiogram originated, or relayed, or received and delivered during Field Day. A total of 10 messages may be handled for bonus points, for a total of 100 bonus points. Again, the Field Day report must include copies.

If your Field Day setup includes a digital station, these points should be a snap. Voice and CW stations can still earn the points, but require more effort. Remember, if the HF bands are suppressed, which is more than possible this coming weekend, you could always pass these Radiograms via VHF or UHF simplex.

If we should ever need to handle welfare radio traffic during an emergency, this would be a good way to get in a little practice beforehand.