25. Event Planning Training

Country Concert 15 begins tomorrow and lasts through Saturday. This event draws approximately 20,000 country music fans to Shelby County, which has a permanent population of about 49,000. Needless to say, such an event places quite a strain on existing area law enforcement and emergency medical resources. A wise political jurisdiction’s response agencies strive to work carefully with the event organizers to plan a response to any likely emergency scenario.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency offers a pair of training courses specifically for such planning through its National Training and Education Division, or NTED. MGT-335 and MGT-335-W, its online only counterpart, cover Event Security Planning for Public Safety Professionals. MGT-404 discusses Sports and Special Events Incident Management.

More information about these courses, and others on related topics, is available through the NTED online and PDF catalogs at the following website: www.firstrespondertraining.gov/content.do . Since everyone has a county fair and most counties have similar large events, you might want to look into these opportunities to better prepare for the occasional show that goes sour.