26. Coursera on-line courses

Once again it is time to revisit the good folks at Coursera, who offer free and low-cost college level courses.  While most Coursera courses still have a fixed beginning and ending date, many others are now available at any time, which they refer to as On-Demand.  Here are a few relevant On-Demand courses available.

Cybersecurity and Its Ten Domains is offered by the University System of GeorgiaEpidemics – the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases comes from Pennsylvania State UniversityEpidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health originates at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. And Ebola Virus Disease: An Evolving Epidemic uses Emory University faculty.

Finally, we previously mentioned the course Disaster Preparedness from the University of Pittsburgh.   Anyway, if any of these courses seem interesting, check them out at www.coursera.org.