34. National Preparedness Month/Red Cross Disaster Services

This week’s National Preparedness Month focus is on Hurricanes.  While Ohio ARES District 3 does not face direct assaults from these storms, we are occasionally impacted by related rain and/or wind events, such as the remnants of Hurricane Ike in mid-September 2008.  So in west-central Ohio, preparations for Hurricanes should emphasize flood and straight-line wind preplanning.  We’ll go back to Preparedness Month next week.

On another topic, American Red Cross Disaster Cycle Services will undergo a major overhaul to its disaster response program effective the morning of September 30th.  ARES members familiar with the former Client Assistance Price List, a menu of dollar amounts our Direct Client Services staff were authorized to provide to those impacted by disaster, should be aware that this price list is being completely revised.  Most other related forms and documents are being revised or deleted as well.

Additionally, the client information needed for Red Cross records is going paperless as rapidly as possible.  Red Cross staff will be encouraged to enter information directly into the Red Cross client database using smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops connected to the internet.  Four classes have been released to prepare Red Cross staff for these changes.  The disaster staff at the Red Cross offices in Dayton or Troy can help you enroll in this training, if you would like to join the ranks of the Direct Client Services volunteer staff.