36. Continuity of Government Training

You may have noted my absence from last Wednesday’s ARES net.  I was in northern Kentucky attending a FEMA course entitled Continuity of Government Operations Planning for Rural Communities.

So why am I bringing this up during an ARES net?  Because an important part of continuity of government operations is effective communications, and a key player in continuity communications planning is, believe it or not, the Amateur Radio Service.

Continuity of Government planning uses a four-tiered redundant communications model, the tiers being: Landline/Cellular Networks, Commercial Two-way Radio systems, Commercial Satellite Telephones and Amateur Radio Systems, either the American Radio Relay League’s Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) or the Federal Communications Commission’s Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) or both.

Continuity of Government Operations is scheduled to be offered again near Cincinnati on February 4th.  To view this, and other free class offerings, visit the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium website at www.ruraltraining.org .