4. Monitoring Emergency Operations in the NE

Lessons learned from disaster responses elsewhere can be very useful. This week’s east coast blizzard provided such opportunities for those of us fortunate enough to be outside of the affected area.

I’ve mentioned Broadcastify (www.broadcastify.com) before as a way to monitor first responders via the internet. This week I used it to listen to the blizzard on Cape Cod. I discovered that medic units and law enforcement were relying on private wreckers with mounted snow plows to reach rural locations, allowing the heavy duty local government plows to work on clearing main roads without interruption.

If internet access is a problem at your location, there are alternatives. WBZ in Boston could be heard on 1030 AM, while WABC, 770 AM, WCBS, 880 AM and WINS, 1010 AM, covered the blizzard from New York City. All of these stations could be heard after dark from Springfield with a good AM radio.

If internet access isn’t a problem for you, each of these stations is also streaming content using one or more links available on their station websites.