41. DMAC/DMC Certifications

Before we begin, on this Veteran’s Day I’d like to thank all of the other veterans listening for their service.
A long time ago I did a program on the Associate Emergency Manager (AEM) and Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) programs offered by the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM).  Well, recently the American Red Cross instituted a similar pair of disaster credentials – Disaster Management Associate Certification (DMAC) and Disaster Manager Certification (DMC).
All that I know about these comes from a four page fact sheet.  The programs are intended for intermediate to advanced American Red Cross paid and volunteer staff, and involve a combination of FEMA and Red Cross formal training courses, Red Cross and other disaster experience and quite a bit of paperwork in the form of a portfolio.
If you happen to be an active paid or volunteer Red Cross Disaster Cycle Services staffer and would like to learn more, look up the Disaster Manager Certification System fact sheet on The Exchange ARC website.