43. International Online Training

How would you like to take a free course from a foreign university without ever leaving your community?  Thanks to the internet and financial support from third parties, this opportunity has arrived.

The Collaborating Centre for Oxford University and Chinese University Hong Kong, or CCOUC, is offering “Public Health Principals in Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response” to the first thousand or so folks worldwide who register for their 4th Cohort at http://phpidccouc.conted.ox.ac.uk/ .

The course is intended for those with a bachelor’s degree or three years of experience in disaster response or public health.  The target audience specifically mentions frontline disaster relief practitioners, which would include ARES members.  This seven lesson course should take something like twenty hours, and those scoring 60% or more on the final exam will receive a CCOUC certificate of completion.  You take the course at your own pace, but must finish by June 15, 2016.

I think I’ll try this one myself – this international certificate will go well with the domestic disaster training certificates from Yale, Louisiana State University, the University of Texas, etc.!