45. NFPA Educational Message Desk Reference

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has produced a little safety handbook that is particularly useful for the holidays and the colder weeks that follow.  Unlike many NFPA products, which tend to be pricey, this item can be downloaded free from their website.

The 2015 Edition of the NFPA Educational Message Desk Reference is just twenty-four pages long, but contains eighteen short chapters of very useful safety information.  Not all of the chapters apply to all circumstances, but probably a dozen chapters do.

Download and read the chapters that apply to your situation before you prepare another big holiday meal or before you add supplemental heating devices to warm your home or radio shack on cold winter days.

The Desk Reference is available at http://www.nfpa.org/  .  From that home page, use their search engine to find the Educational Messages Advisory Committee.  From the EMAC home page, select the Educational Messages Desk Reference pdf link.  I’m sorry that I can’t provide a more direct route!