6. 3 New ARC Courses

The American Red Cross has released three new online training courses. Concept of Operations: An Overview is intended for all Red Cross paid and volunteer staff, as well as Red Cross external partners. As an ARES volunteer, you would be considered such an external partner. This course presents a brief, 18 minute explanation of the new Concept of operations: Program Essentials. Please note that it goes by very quickly, and I recommend the frequent use of the pause button to give you time to absorb the information. Red Cross staff should register for this course through https://classes.redcross.org/Saba/Web/Main in order to receive course credit, while external partners should take the training at http://youtu.be/ND8pu1zGQHU .

The other two courses, Operations Planning Fundamentals and Incident Reporting Fundamentals, are intended for Red Cross paid and volunteer staff working in such disaster support positions as Public Affairs, Government Relations or Disaster Fundraising. These require roughly one hour each, and can be found on the Red Cross website noted above.